Mines.B: connecting cultures and mining heritage

With collaborative spirit, our esteemed partner from the Comarca Andorra Sierra de Arcos Region in Spain, represented by Maria Angeles Tomas Obon, embarked on a journey to Marcinelle, Belgium. During her visit, she had the privilege of engaging with our counterparts from Les Sentier de Grande Randonnée (GR412 – Le Sentier des Terrils), represented by Michel Eggermont, and Le Bois du Cazier, represented by Alain Forti.

The encounter proved to be a confluence of insightful dialogues and enriching exchanges all aimed at fortifying the bonds within the European Mining Routes of Santa Barbara Federation. Beyond the mere delineation of paths, the essence of the European Mining Routes of Santa Barbara Federation project lies in its profound aspiration to connect individuals, safeguard mining heritage, and commemorate our collective past.

MINES.B Federation extend sincere appreciation to spanish and belgian partners for their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm.

As we traverse this path of collaboration and cultural exchange, let us continue to honor our heritage, celebrate our common identity, and embrace the invaluable connections that bind us together across borders and generations.

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