Fondazione Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara

Made up of the union of 25 municipalities, 2 dioceses and a voluntary association, the Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara Foundation operates in the south-west part of Sardinia island, through redevelopment projects of disused mining sites and ancient mining routes and through animation activities related to music, art and culture in general. 

The Foundation has created a path of 500 km that can be traveled in 30 stages, on paths, mule tracks, cart tracks and dirt driveways, marking the ancient mining paths of the miners, in a historical, cultural and religious itinerary in the Geomineral Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia at the discovery of the sites that made the history of the mining epic in Sardinia, Italy. 

Almost 75% of the walking is done on footpaths, dirt roads, cart and mule tracks, while the remaining 25% is made up of paved roads in the town centers and of brief tracts of asphalted streets on the outskirts of town. The altitude goes from sea level to a height of 900 m in the Marganai mountain range: there are continuous differences in altitude, but only in some cases this could be particularly challenging.

Depending on the length, level of difficulty and availability of lodging facilities in the towns and mining villages we are passing through, the itinerary has been divided into 30 stages, with an average length of about 16 km each. Many stages are rather short, giving the pilgrim/excursionist time to visit classical industrial and archaeological sites of particular charm and beauty. 

Memory, identity, future are the keywords of a continuous work that aims to make young people protagonists in the enhancement of the material and intangible heritage of the territories in which they live, rediscovering Sardinia as a crossroads of the Mediterranean and a meeting point between peoples, civilizations and eras