MINES.B Federation’s mission is to make the mining sites, museum structures and itineraries more and more usable, favoring their accessibility and making them accessible through different ways that favor sustainable mobility on foot, on horseback and by bicycle, on a journey to discover not only the individual mining sites and museums but also the landscape-environmental and naturalistic heritage in which they are immersed.

MINES.B therefore aims to foster the growth of a democratic, participatory and sustainable development model that is built taking into account the diversity of the various regions of Europe involved in the network and aimed at improving social, economic and cultural opportunities for local communities, promoting the development and training of the most vulnerable people with particular reference to women and the younger generations.

The sustainable regeneration of these exploited areas and in part transfigured by the previous mining activity, could represent a valid contribution to their need for transition towards a new development focused on slow tourism, on mining history and European identity, besides the implementation of creative and entertainment activities; this is the purpose of MINES.B.