Comarca Andorra Sierra de Arcos

The Andorra-Sierra de Arcos region is made up of the towns of Alacón, Alloza, Andorra, Ariño, Crivillén, Ejulve, Estercuel, Gargallo and Oliete. Located in the north of the province of Teruel, between the Depression of the Ebro and the Iberian System, it is the third smallest of the thirty-three Aragonese regions, but one of the most vital and scenic variety.

Territory of unknown landscapes and architectures with a strong personality, our region hides a rich landscape of marked contrasts, where paleontology, archeology, architecture, art and tradition converge in a surprising natural and geological setting.

During your visit you will be able to enjoy the archaeological, cultural and natural wealth of the Cultural Parks of the Martín River, to the north, and the Maestrazgo to the south; know the abundant and particular mining heritage in Ariño and in the mining museum of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos, MWINAS; stroll through winding streets with defensive remains in Alacón, wall gates in Oliete, manor houses in Ejulve and façades and shields in Gargallo; admire the parish churches of Alloza and Andorra, or the magnificent monastery of Nuestra Señora del Olivar in Estercuel; immerse yourself in contemporary art in Crivillén, led by the sculptor Pablo Serrano; descend to the depths of the earth in the Sima de San Pedro in Oliete; discover what the region was like in the time of the dinosaurs on the Dinópolis Valcaria satellite; enjoy driving in The Silent Route, or explore its nature through numerous trails and BTT routes such as the Masías de Ejulve and regain strength by relaxing in the Ariño Spa or tasting the local gastronomy: hams and cheeses of Ejulve,elaborate meat of Andorra and Ejulve, Ariño honey, tradicional sweets, olive oil or lamb.

Quiet and welcoming villages in whose streets the drums of Holy Week resound and the voices of Joteras like that of the Shepherd of Andorra, bonfires of San Antón and San Blas are lit – some declared Festivities of Tourist Interest such as La Encamisada de Estercuel- and are celebrated festivals and popular meals.